Danang Day Tours, Package Holidays & Excursions

A Vietnam’s booming city, Danang is gradually coming on its own as a busy tourist destination. Its location is on the west coast makes for beautiful sunsets, a holiday-like atmosphere; and the path of the North-South Railway makes it favorable for transportation, so it keeps all factors for fast and sustainable tourism development. Danang is reputed for its white-sand beaches, China Beach (My Khe Beach), Nam O Beach offshore islands with magical coral ecosystems; excellent views of the Marble Mountains, and home to four museums that are worth a visit.
Danang enjoys a monsoon tropical climate, with two distinctive seasons: dry season (February to April) and wet season (May to January), with an average annual temperature of 26°C. So, the best time to visit Danang is ideally from February to May thanks to nice weather, lower humidity.

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